The Story

Ms. United has spent 6 years studying compression.

With no compression technology products as a benchmark to start with, we started from scratch and generated data with huge amounts of iterative cycles of testing and learning

  • The Bra System: It all began with Compressive Air Bladders Housed in a Bra System to Mimic Dynamic Hand Compression
  • Manual Compression in our New Device by Inflation the Bladder (right) Using a Blood Pressure-like Technique
  • Automated Compression Begins: Both Pressure and Time can be Controlled
  • The 1st Vibration Prototype: Duct Tape, Bandaid, & a AA battery
  • The Second Generation Vibration Prototype: Upgrades to our New Form Factor
  • The Third Generation Vibration Prototype: Allows for Multiple Vibration Points and a Sleek Power Button

U Boost is engineered by Motherhood-Sisterhood (MS) United

MS United has worked tirelessly for the past 6 years to develop novel technology to improve lactation and milk output. Here is our story…