U Boost

UBoost is the first breast pump booster to help supplement milk supply.

U Boost makes the hands free when hands-on pumping.
But what is Hands-on Pump?

U Boost in Action

(1) U Boost is compatible with any breast pump

(2) Mothers can adapt their usage and share their experiences

(3) U Boost positioning can be customized precisely by the user for placement, compression levels and vibration preference

U Boost Improves Milk Output and Pumping Comfort

U Boost replicates the natural art of hand expression and preliminary results are excellent

U Boost can supplement any breast pump!

Although mothers stop breastfeeding for a myriad of reasons, the number one reason is that mothers perceive their milk supply is not sufficient to feed their babies 

Breast pumps have revolutionized a new mother’s ability to feed her baby while she is away, and while there are many new breast pumps on the market, the stimulation technology has not yielded a difference in milk output

It’s true! You are not crazy and you may respond terribly to breast pumps while your friends all have great success and pump way more than they need!  

  • The chart below shows how 20 of our 30 rockstar moms expressed less milk with a breast pump than they did while breastfeeding their babies

  • This was a very well-controlled study and completed by a well-respected breastfeeding lab  

  • For reference, this study first determined how much milk each breast is capable of producing over 24 hours through breastfeeding

  • The investigators state that, for example, “We would assume that the breast has a maximum amount of 96mL available to be removed by the breast pump at that point in time. If only 48mL of milk was expressed by the breast pump, then we would conclude that 50% of the available milk was expressed.” 

For more details on this chart and the original study here is the reference: J Hum Lact. 2002 Nov;18(4):344-52

We believe varied results occur because breastfeeding is a complicated biological process – so it’s often hard to replicate the multiple stimulations of a baby (suckling, compression, touch, etc.) with a vacuum-based breast pump

 • Pumping breast milk is now an integral part of a mother’s breastfeeding relationship and >90% of US mothers are experienced in using a breast pump; however, the decision of which breast pump to choose is becoming increasingly more challenging for new mothers 

• In fact, a 2016 review of ~2300 breast pump users across 41 trials and a range of breast pump products reported that no single breast pump consistently increased milk volume significantly. For more details, see this study: Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2016 Sep 29;9:CD006170  

• Ultimately, breast pumps can, and often should, be supplemented with additional stimulation to improve the output for low responders, but even the best responders need a boost once in a while (plagued by sickness / dehydration, amidst an infant growth spurt period, recent family schedule change, etc.)

U Boost easy to use and provides  complementary stimulation to ALL breast pumps

MS United has long-term research and development vision


Ms. United is developing a dual-stimulation compressive booster

Moms with challenging breastfeeding initiation, such as mothers who give birth to premature babies or babies admitted to the NICU,  will need multiple stimulation modalities for success